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Therapy Services

Innerjoy Home Health Services will provide you at home with the structured rehabilitative therapy required for your health conditions. Whether you’ve recently had surgery, are regaining your mobility after an injury or need retraining for self-care skills, we can develop a care plan that will address various challenges with movement and musculoskeletal functions.

Our Therapy Services

Physical Therapy Strength Enhancement Pain Management Geriatric Physical Therapy Programs Muscle Toning and Coordination Lymphedema Management Swimming Pool Exercises Gait Training Active and Passive Joint Mobility Training Flexibility Training and Exercises Aerobic Exercises
Occupational Therapy Management of Primary Lymphedema Exercise Programs to Restore Occupational Skills Balance Training Education in the Use of Mobility Adaptive Equipment Assessing Client’s Home to Promote Safety Evaluation of Psychosocial Needs Prevention of Injury and Health Complications Chronic Pain Treatment Work Fatigue Management Minimizing Fatigue by Work Simplification
Speech Therapy Evaluation and Therapy for Learning Disabilities Speech Disorder Evaluations and Personalized Therapy Plan Instruction on Eating and Swallowing Strategies Hearing or Aural Rehabilitation Articulation and Pronunciation Exercises Therapy for Auditory Processing Disorders Slurred Speech / Stroke Survivors Treatment Delayed Speech Treatment Sign Language or Alternative Communication Training

Please call 805-522-1420 for inquiries on how to get started with these therapy services. We can also conduct a free health needs assessment by a registered nurse, a licensed therapist or a care coordinator. This is a critical step in planning the level of care that you will be provided with at home.

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